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4 Month Freelance Makeup Artist Training Program


(Payment Plan Available)


Become a Freelance Makeup Artist with this exciting course. Taught by professional makeup artists Wil Strayhorn & Nathan Whitfield, you will learn from the best with in-depth 1-on-1 feedback on your makeup work. Upon completion you will receive L.F.I Qualification , a  L.F.I Artist Profile and become eligible for L.F.I referred makeup jobs. You’ll also receive unlimited email & phone access to our pro’s. This is designed for those who are ready to pursue a career as a makeup artist and earn extra income. 

This course is suitable for students with little- no previous make-up artistry experience who would like to pursue a career in make-up artistry. 

L.F.I is committed to continuous improvement to ensure both the design and content of the course are as relevant as possible to market needs.

The Academy also places significant importance on fashion make-up which by its creative nature is constantly changing. Therefore the above course curriculum will be subject to addition and alteration from time to time.

So why choose our class? Our makeup training classes are small to ensure proper education, unlike other classes, workshops or schools that pack in 10-20 students and only care about the numbers not the quality.  This allows personal attention, we provide business guidance, we help develop portfolios. We want all of our students to be successful. 

This program is perfect for those who want to start their career as a makeup artist and learn the basics. This is also great for those who want to test the water and see if makeup artistry is right for you. And for those who want to start slow, this is definitely the right program for you.

  • Full attendance is required to receive a completion certificate.
  • Each session 3-4 hours a session for 2 days a month with a total of 9 sessions totaling 36 hours of study 
  • Maximum enrollment of 4 students per class to ensure individual attention.
  • Class Level: Beginners


Freelance Makeup Artist Training Program

CURRICULUM  (subject to change)

Lesson #1: Introduction to Makeup Artistry & Foundations

History Of Makeup

People To Know”


Makeup kit overview


How to clean your tools appropriately

How to communicate with clients

Understanding the client needs

Skin preparation

Base matching

Skin types

Types of finish





Result:You will learn the basic tools you need to know and foundation techniques. You also will feel confident working with your clients.

Lesson #2: Correction and Basic Correcting Makeup

Color correction





Correcting makeup

Nude makeup

Eyeliner Types

Mascara Types

Result: You will have the skills of basic correcting makeup and how to deal with problematic skin.

Lesson #3: The Smokey Eye and Contouring

Types of eyes

Basic eyeliner techniques


Powder and cream


smokey eye techniques

Result:You will have achieved all you need to know about contouring and different smokey eye techniques.

Lesson #4:Full Makeup Application and Lips

Full makeup application (Overview lessons 1-3)

Exploration of different types of makeup application




Avant Garde

Lips techniques

Much More.

Result:You will have achieved full makeup application and lips techniques.

Lesson #5: Bridal Makeup

Foundation and contouring

Long lasting makeup

How to consult the bride

Makeup trial

Bridal eye makeup

faux lashes

Result:You will be confident with the tools you will need to make your bride happy.

Lesson #6: Mature Skin Makeup

Skin preparation

Types of foundation


Ideal products for mature skin.

Result:You will learn everything you need to know about mature skin makeup.

Lesson #7: The Photoshoot

Your Role on on a photoshoot with professional photographer

How to select a model

How to select a concept

How to build a “Team”

How To Assure A Successful Shoot!

Result: After completing lesson 7 you will have learned the basic of makeup artistry and you will graduate with real photoshoot experience.

Course length is 4 months.  Enroll today!

* In House, Interest Free Financing Available w/ Initial Deposit.





Additional Training Opportunities For Customers To Learn How To Do Their Own Make-Up

 Up to 2 hr Personal One On One Makeup Lesson  $90

DSC00666Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? 
Or maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?

Learn how to look gorgeous and flawless with a 
personal make-up lesson. Discover how to enhance 
your face shape and features quickly and confidently. 

This is a fantastic and fun way to breathe new life into your look.

This is a One on one lesson with Me. We will incorporating your own products (Makeup). Learn to use what you have and or what you need. I will teach you how to do your own makeup by teaching you techniques by showing you on one half of your face. I will have you do the other half and will make sure you are doing it right every step of the way. We will bring your inner beauty out in todays time.

This class can be customized based on Skill Level

Makeup Shopping & Makeup Lesson  $145

This is for those women that not only need a one on one lesson but needs help picking out makeup. You will not feel forced to buy something that you will regret later.

I will acompany you to the local makeup store or stores (up to 3) where I will help you pick out all your makeup. I will color match your foundation the correct way and help you pick out makeup that fits your lifestyle. Once we are done we will then go back to my studio where I will show you how to use your new makeup with a one on one makeup lesson.

It's All About The Brows  $35

Great one on one lesson to learn how to groom, shape,  shade and style your brows. Perfect way to make your problem or sparse brows frame your face and give your appearance an instant lift . We will instruct you using (wax and/or razor, concealer, eyebrow wax, brow powder & eyebrow pencil)

Ladies Makeup Parties

Book a night with your ladies order up some food or enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and get beautified!

 Step by step we will go through a classic daytime look and then kick it up a notch to an evening glamour look.

  • After the lessons your guests will identify which makeup style is best suited to their lifestyle
  • Gain confidence in applying different makeup looks
  • Recognize how to accentuate their best features
  • A group size of 4-6 allows for individualized attention to ensure you look your best.

A group size of larger is available, I will bring in a L.F.I Certified Freelance Makeup Artist to facilitate the class with me

Perfect for Bachelorette parties, Birthdays or Girls Night Out!

Prices Vary Based On Group Size.

Mini Specialty Workshops- $75
 Throughout the year we will offer workshops specializing in a different technique or cosmetic area.  These classes are tailored more towards doing your own makeup, however you can certainly transfer them towards doing another's makeup as well. "For your eyes only" will demonstrate eye design techniques, "Read My Lips" will teach new lip techniques such as "Ombre Lip color" and many more workshops as well but we will offer 4-5 workshops annually.   Investment  $75 (2.5-3hrs in length)

Customized Classes
 At any time you may request a private or group class customized to what you would like to learn.  Consumer & Pro Classes Are available.  Submit via email a request indicating the topics you would like to learn, in detail, the expected number of participants and a proposed date. We will contact you with a proposal and quote.  You may email Info@LFIStudio.com

Advanced Makeup Classes(prices vary)

Are you a makeup artist with experience wanting to learn advanced techniques like highlighting & contouring, Glitter & Stones, Makeup for female impersonation?  contact us with your needs and we will develop a personalized class just for you!  (prices will vary)

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